You can help us

We are working very hard to create educational content on our social media sites. The director of Hipotenusa, Roberto Sáenz, has made it his mission to document the weekly progress of our project in his blog,  Roberto’s Blog.

As expected, this work demands a great deal of time and resources, which is why your help would be most welcome. You can contribute to our work in the following ways:

1. Get a book

One of our most time consuming projects is the translation of our book collection. Here you can see the books that are already available in English.

2. Get a Pythagorean accessory.

Discover our new brand with a smart theme. Mathematics, Technology, Physics and Chemistry themed accessories.

3. Support us in our social media.

Follow us, share our content or leave us a message on our channels. Any interaction will be very appreciated.


4. Buy Roberto a cup of coffee.

Roberto is the one who carries the heaviest burden of this small project. A small cup of coffee from you will not only keep his mind awake, but his spirit as well.