Pythagorean Pal

on 𝕏

We have made the decision to make our book collection the first book series to interact with its readers through the social network X.

The first title to be part of this project is one of our latest and most beautiful works, Precalculus for Everybody, the most effective introduction to Calculus.

What are we doing on X?

We create and share content about mathematics and technology; plus, in the coming days we will be posting our own videos.

Most of our content on X is related to the content of our books, and this is no coincidence at all. Our titles will be regularly updated with new QR codes to connect the reader to our posts.

Why X?

X is a social network that gathers many creators of high-value educational content. This content can be found in the form of posts, threads, expert accounts and educational communities. Compared to other social networks, X offers several advantages that make it an ideal platform for learning